Bhutan 2015 - David Bishop
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Bhutan 2015

Bhutan 2015

This was my 28th bird tour to Bhutan. I first began leading bird tours to this magical kingdom in 1994 and have enjoyed the privilege of returning there once or twice a year almost annually since then. So what is it that makes this particular tour so attractive? Quite simply Bhutan is in a class of its very own. By taking more time in Bhutan we can literally take the opportunity to smell the ‘roses’ or rather the Daphne, imbibe the various serendipitous cultural opportunities that offer themselves as well as really enjoy the birds, mammals, butterflies and flowering plans that are so profuse in spring in the eastern Himalayas.

“The Paro Dzong (monastery), guarded by icy crags, sits warming under the late afternoon sun. It seems to welcome our approach to our beautifully located hotel. An Ibisbill, so subtle as to be taken for a glacial stone, dips quietly in the snowmelt. This is indeed the Kingdom of Bhutan and the land of the peaceful Dragon.” As my good friend Steve Hilty remarked on first setting foot in the kingdom,” This is fairytale land”

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