Borneo 2015 - David Bishop
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Borneo 2015

Borneo 2015

Any tour to Borneo is by definition special and this one was no exception. The immensely rich and fascinating biodiversity of this huge island’s fauna and flora has kept me wanting to go back and explore, year after year since the late 1970s. Despite the awful smoke emanating from the horrendous fires in Indonesian Borneo we still managed to enjoy a wonderful assortment of whatever came our way, whether it was spectacular storms; electrically coloured millipedes; spiders of every size and shape; a night safari in the Danum Valley during which we encountered an amazing range of nocturnal mammals and birds including the peculiar Western Tarsier and, of course, some absolutely stunning birds.

Add to this some magnificent landscapes including vast primeval forests that are literally soul-rejuvenating; delicious food – and some good wine, and a charming, gracious and genuinely friendly people and you have all the ingredients of a very special tour.

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