Fijian Islands - David Bishop
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Fijian Islands

Spectacular surprises …

Continuing eastwards out into the Pacific we will wing our way to the lovely Fijian Islands. Here we will wander balmy, suns bleached beaches and explore luxuriant forests only a short distance from our delightful hotels. We will visit three islands, Vitie Levu, Taveuni and Kadavu each supporting its own coterie of exciting endemics and near-endemics. Among mist-draped montane forests we will be treated to such spectacular surprises as the Orange Fruit Dove (an almost unbelievable colour!), the enigmatic Silktail, Azure-crested (Blue-crested) Flycatcher (a real humdinger!) and a plethora of other attractive endemics including Fiji Goshawk, Golden and Velvet doves, Many-coloured Fruit Dove, Tongan (Shy) Ground-Dove, Peales’ Imperial-Pigeon, Collared Lory, Red-Shining and Masked parrots, Polynesian Triller, Island Thrush, Fiji Bush-warbler, Slaty Monarch, Vanikoro Flycatcher, Fiji Shrikebill, Fiji Whistler, Layaard’s White-eye, Orange-breasted Myzomela, Wattled Honeyeater, the spectacular sounding Giant Honeyeater, Fiji Woodswallow, and the handsome red-headed Fiji Parrotfinch. We shall also seek out some of Fiji’s most elusive and least known species including: Long-legged Thicket-Warbler, Black-faced Shrikebill and the Pink-billed Parrotfinch. There is always an extreme outside chance that we might luck upon Red-throated Lorikeet but in all likelihood this species is sadly probably extinct. If weather and sea conditions permit we will also take a pelagic trip out of Taveuni where we might encounter: Brown, Red-footed and Masked boobies, Greater and Lesser frigatebirds, Tahiti Petrel and with a great deal of luck perhaps Murphy’s, Kermadec and Herald petrels in addition to several species of tropical terns.



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