Natural and cultural diversity …

David Bishop Bird Tours bespoke departures to India offer an incomparably intimate opportunity to explore this remarkable subcontinent in comfort, secure in the knowledge that your trip has been organized and is led by one of the foremost naturalists of the region.

India is far too big and diverse to explore on a single tour, thus we invite you to share with us your dreams and create a bespoke itinerary specially tailored to your unique vision.

We will personally develop a carefully targeted tour that will afford you the opportunity to see the birds, the mammals or whatever you desire in this biologically complex country.

Undoubtedly India is home to a fabulous range of plant communities, colourful, indigenous cultures, and spectacular antiquities and should you wish this can all be seamlessly woven into the itinerary of your choice.

Our tours deliver a broad spectrum of travel experiences that supplement the birding, including:

  • Gujarat and Western India – home of the Gir lion, wintering Gray Hypocolius, huge numbers of wintering waterbirds, shorebirds, and attendant raptors, and magnificent forts
  • Northern India – including such world-class sanctuaries as Bharatpur and Corbett National Park, in addition to the western Himalayas and, of course, the sublime Taj Mahal
  • Assam in the Northeast – regarded by many as the “Serengeti” of Asia, with its teeming numbers of large mammals and birds, many of them globally endangered
  • Central India – Kipling country personified and the domain of the Bengal tiger, arguably the most spectacular predator on the planet
  • South India, Sri Lanka, and the Andaman Islands – lush and green and home to a broad collection of endemic birds and mammals