The Africa you have dreamed of …

Imagine yourself immersed in thrilling, unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells, surrounded by a host of new and exciting birds and mammals – all against a backdrop of one of our planet’s most ancient landscapes. Welcome to Tanzania!

It is just not possible to see all of this vast country in one trip – mind you, we give it a go! With the help of our Tanzanian colleague, David Bishop Bird Tours has prepared a very special – and rather unusual – customised safari. We sincerely hope you like our endeavours.

Tanzania has had the foresight to set aside 26 per cent of its land area in protected areas of one form or another, and hosts 1100+ species of birds together with teeming masses of mammals in addition to some fascinating reptiles and butterflies.

The tour to take you there…

During our specially designed safari, we will range from the immense grasslands of the Serengeti and the unbelievable beauty of Ngorongoro Crater to Tarangire with its majestic herds of elephants and handful of endemic birds.

From the foothills of mighty Kilimanjaro, our safari will then take us on a breathtaking sweep through an ancient chain of volcanic mountains dripping with cool, epiphyte festooned forests and a whole host of little known birds including several that are found nowhere else in the world.

Our extraordinary Tanzania safari concludes with exploration of the Miombo woodlands of Mikumi National Park, the nearby Kilombero Plains and the ancient city of Dar-e-salam.