Return to the cradle…

When not absorbed by prides of lion, lithesome cheetah, gargantuan elephants arriving at a waterhole or elongate giraffe, you will be equally overwhelmed by the birds.

African birds are colourful and generally easy to see and photograph. This is nowhere as true as it is in Tanzania and Uganda, destinations of two of our most popular and enduring bespoke tours.

We shall travel through regions where some of the best birding in Africa can be happily combined with the world’s most exciting wildlife viewing. Accompanying us will be our fine driver-guides – endlessly patient and accomplished companions who will make sure we really do have the experience of a lifetime.

Madagascar’s natural environment is arguably the most weird and distinctive on our entire planet. Separated for eons from the continent of Africa, Madagascar hosts an exceptionally high degree of endemism: not only among its birds but also its plants, trees, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

Please feel free to contact me with regard to customising an itinerary of your choice. Come and experience with David Bishop one of our planet’s greatest natural storehouses.

David Bishop Bird Tours is able to arrange bespoke safaris anywhere in Africa. Contact me to find out how a David Bishop Bird tour may bring your dreams to life. We know where the special, difficult to find birds are, and will take great pleasure in showing them to you.